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  • S=Strength: what are the strenghts of AttitudeHolland & AttitudeHairDye
    I think the biggest strength is the community, the people that love the brand! Especially with Attitude Hair Dye, I saw you chose some sponsors, some of them bigger influencers, but also some of them small creators who just love the dye :) I like the personality. Also, you're one of the best places in NL to buy alternative shoes!
  • W= Weakness: what are the weaknesses of AttitudeHolland & AttitudeHairDye
    1: The search system! It's often useless when I type anything in the search bar, I often get many results I don't want! 2: There seem to be a lot of products on here without a brand or without a well-known brand that just seem to be aliexpress with a different label. I think aliexpress, shein and shitty websites like that should not be used at all, and I would like to see your collaboration with stuff like that should stop in order to stand for a better world. 3: Because of 2, I think AttitudeHolland as a brand seems cluttered and not always clear. I think for example has a clearer brand identity than AttitudeHolland, even if they are less popular. AttitudeHairDye has a clear brand identity to me, so good job there!
  • O = Opportunities: what are the opportunities for AttitudeHolland & AttitudeHairDye
    I think providing quality instead of quantity would be a good look on your morality. Less cheap China products, more quality brands.
  • T = Threads: what are the threads for AttitudeHolland & AttitudeHairDye
    ThreaTs (I think you misspelled that) are unfortunately the cheap sites like Aliexpress and Shein, currently. But if every company would be a bit more conscious of what they sell, I hope we can all come together for a better world and not use stuff like that.
May 13, 2024   11:31   (edited)
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