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Ms/Mr/Mx Alternative > September Challenge: Supernatural September!

  • What Supernatural creature, being or concept is your creation based around?
    Baba Yaga, an old creature living in the Eastern European forests. By some described as a witch, an ogress or goddess, resembling an old hag with a long nose, iron teeth and nails. She lives in a hut standing on two chicken legs and flies around in an mortar and pestle. She is known for her trickster questions and tasks, like separating poppy seeds from soil and separating good corn from rotten corn within one night. If you succeed in these tasks you will earn her help and guidance. If not, you will most probably be her next meal.
  • Any details you’d love to share about your creation, like the making process, materials?
    As their are quite a lot of stories and descriptions off Baba Yaga I had to mix a few of them together and use a bit of creativity. I Imagined she would look like an old woman with lots of layers of clothing to keep her warm in the cold Eastern European climate. She would have long gray hair with some dreadlocks in it since she I lives in the middle of the woods (and probably would not have readily access to a hairdresser). I was inspired by old fortunetellers and old Slavic dress style which prompted me to give her a veil and lace capelet as wel as lots of jewelry. Because she is a cannibal I gave her mostly jewelry made out of animal or human bones as wel as some silver she could have collected over the span of her eternal live.

    I assembled the costume from a dress and a bones harness I made as parts of my last Castlefest costume and added some pieces of clothing and jewelry to it. The wig I lent from my boyfriend. I braided some wool dreads and beats into it and treated it with some dry shampoo to make is less shiny like a costume wig and more like real hair. The make-up I did myself with eyeshadows and some water based face paint. I was out of latex so I formed a nose on my face out of lightweight clay (the same material I made the bones harness out of) and baked it in the microwave. If you consider doing this yourself: DON'T DO IT, latex works way easier! The teeth I made by varnishing a set of Halloween teeth with nail polish and I did the same with my nails. Then I just added some coloured contacts to make it a bit more spooky.

    Most props I used are part of my home décor, but I made some pieces myself. I used a skull I made for the same Castlefest costume I mentioned before. This one is also made out of lightweight clay and painted thereafter. For the Supernatural Creatures book I made for this challenge I stained a sheet of paper with old coffee and tea and drew Baba Yaga and her hut on it as well as (part) of her story. I then bound it to a book and added an other piece of paper to the front, as the title in order to resemble a story book or medieval bestiary.

    I wrote a script for the video and filmed it with some help from my boyfriend Björn. Thereafter I edited and colour graded to get the cold spooky forest vibe. It may be only September, but I am already way to exited for Halloween haha
  • Are you available on September 28th, 20:00 CET to join the livestream?
    Yes, I am!
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