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Giveaways > Show your tattoo & win €50!

  • Thank you for showing your tattoo! Is this a tattoo you have, or a tattoo you want?
    It's mine forever!
  • What does this tattoo mean/represent to you?
    My whole life I have been the outcast. As a child I was different. I did things that confused people, and now that I've grown up, I do them on purpose. I saw cool creepy bug, I got cool creepy bug. I want to confuse and disgust people. I want to be the weirdest. My mum hates all of my tattoos, piercings, hair colors and life choices, so I will keep doing them and with pleasure :)
  • Who is the artist behind this? Do they have a website/social media?

    I saw his creepy style and contacted him almost immediately. I pitched him my idea of scaring my mother and he found it very entertaining.
  • Should Attitude start selling temporary tattoos?
    I would personally oppose due to being against plastic waste and disposables.
September 14, 2022   12:55   (edited)
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