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Giveaways > Win Hair Dye For Someone Else!

  • Who is this person that you want to win hair dye for?
    My boyfriend Björn!
  • Which colour by Attitude suits them?
    The colour Brave from Attitude Hollands semi permanent hair dye line. He was talking about how he wanted to dye his beard blue and I think this colour goes perfect with his favorite wig! (He is wearing it in the picture).
  • Why does this person deserve some free hair dye?
    Björn is the sweetest person that I know. He is really colourfull and bright in his clothes aswell as his personality in general. Which is kinda funny since I am the total opposite as I wear black 99% of the time and have some problems staying positive. He helps me through a lot and stays patient almost every time.
    He often wears funny and creative clothes and accessories to the parties at our alternative student association, mostly rocking his holographic cat ears, blue wig or themed costumes. He was telling me now he wanted to dye his beard blue to try something new (he has never dyed his hair before) and I fully support him with it! Standing out with your looks, especially as a man can be daring since it's still not accepted everywhere. But he does what he wants, regardless positive or negative comments. That's why I think he deserves the colour Brave!
September 5, 2022   17:03   (edited)
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