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    A while back, there was a exhibition called Goth: Designing Darkness at the Design Museum Den Bosch. This introduced me to Theda Bara, a feminist icon who went by the nickname 'The Vamp', which she got after playing a vampire in the movie 'A Fool There Was'. She is often cited to be the first sex symbol of the film era, but over the years and through the goth subculture she has transformed into an icon of female empowerment. This quote perfectly describes why:

    “Believe me, for every woman vampire there are ten men of the same type. Men who take everything from women – love, devotion, beauty, youth and give nothing in return! V stands for Vampire and it stands for Vengeance too. The vampire that I play is the vengeance of my sex upon its exploiters. You see, I have the face of a vampire, perhaps, but the heart of a feministe.”
    — Actress Theda Bara, 1915

    For me, she became a personal hero, and in the name of celebrating vampires, I wanted to introduce you to her too :)
August 3, 2022   17:04   (edited)
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