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  • Thank you for choosing to share with us. What is your tip for improving your mental health?
    My cats, they are my love and the best "therapists" I could desire, with their healing love they always make me feel better, I'm so grateful I have them in my life.
    Another thing is keeping my mind busy with what makes me happy and helps me transform that pain or stress in something new and positive. In my case it's art, especially drawing, and baking, to me it's relaxing.
  • What has your tip done for you?
    My furry babies always make me smile, they are always there for me and they always give so much love, sometimes when I'm sad it's enough to stay there and cuddle them to feel immediately better.
    Drawing let me express my feelings and put them on the paper/screen, so it can become something good.
    Baking too is a good activity, I deal with body dysmorphic disorder as a consequence of eating disorders in the past, so in some way it can "exorcise" that.
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