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Miss/Mr/Mx Alternative 2021

Event ends at Oct 26
WE HAVE A WINNER! Miss Alternative 2021 is Lisa!
Lisa won the following prizes:
♥ The title of Mrs/Mr/Mx Alternative 2021
♥ €300 shopping credits at our website
♥ A year's worth of hair dye from Dye With Attitude!
♥ A Leg Avenue surprise box, worth €100!
♥ Of course, a bouquet, crown and sash, worthy of a Miss/Mr/Mx!

2nd place goes to Joyce!
Joyce won the following prizes:
♥ €200 shopping credits at our website
♥ Half a year's worth of hair dye from Dye With Attitude!
♥ A Miss/Mr/Mx Alternative 2nd place sash!

3rd place goes to Saa!
Saa won the following prizes:
♥ €100 shopping credits at our website
♥ A quarter year's worth of hair dye from Dye With Attitude!
♥ A Miss/Mr/Mx Alternative 3rd place sash!

Unique people of the world, we want you to show yourselves! Miss/Mr/Mx Alternative is an inclusive monthly event for alternative models, creatives and people who make the world just a little more beautiful!

No matter your age, size, race, or gender identity, you are welcome to join. We at Attitude believe that everyone is beautiful in their own way, and you are worth celebrating :)

Each month there will be a new challenge with a new theme; cooking, dancing, and more! Compete against others but most of all, have fun! We will invite 5 finalists to livestream with us at the end of each month!

Attitude goes virtual
Each month, we're holding a livestream with the finalists of the challenge, and decide the winner there! Will we invite you next?
Past livestreams: October, September, August, July, June, May, April, March.

Have a question? Send an e-mail to !

Past challenges:
OCTOBER [CLOSED]: Halloween Costumes!
Winner: Peggy Nox
The end of Miss/Mr/Mx Alternative 2021 draws near, and we’ve seen a lot of creative and beautiful people. The final challenge will be all about Halloween costumes! Impress or scare us with your best outfit! So get creative, and soon we’ll welcome you to eternal damnation!
SEPTEMBER [CLOSED]: Welcome To My Crib!
Winner: Joyce / Pretzl Cosplay
What does the crib of a true Miss/Mr/Mx look like? What items couldn’t possibly be missing? Have you customized anything to your unique aesthetic? Show us around your crib, your favourite workplace, your dragon’s den, your altar, a corner of your room, your pet’s cage, or any other place where you just thrive! You can even create a house in a game you play and show us around there! We can’t wait for you to say “Hello Attitude, and welcome to my crib”! ;)
AUGUST [CLOSED]: Hair/Make-Up Tutorials!
Winner: Saa
A true Miss/Mr/Mx loves to inspire, and is not above revealing some of their style tips&tricks! Are you an expert at rainbow hair dying, creating viking braids, wigs, horror make-up or other hair/make-up related stuff? Create a tutorial and inspire us! Both experienced hair aficionados and complete newbies are welcome to show us what they’ve got!
JULY [CLOSED]: Summer Outfits!
Winner: Luc
Let’s celebrate the warmest months by creating the coolest looks ;) Upload your beach look, a cute picnic outfit, a hot-weatherproof costume... Show us who YOU are in summer!
JUNE [CLOSED]: Cooking Like A Miss/Mr/Mx!
Winner: Mrs. Luna Love
Can you cook fancy dinners? Or bake fabulous cakes? Or brew the best lattes? We at Attitude love good food, and dare you to make something edible/drinkable that is so fabulous, it will almost compete against you! Share your picture (or better: a tutorial video!) and compete for the most mouthwatering creation!
MAY [CLOSED]: DIY Fashion & Accessories!
Winner: Lisa
We all love the stuff we sell at Attitude, of course, but sometimes you just wish you had an item that doesn’t exist. And there’s a solution for that: DIY! We dare you to make your dreams come true and create a fashion item or accessory that you made into existence! A skirt, tie dye shirt, choker, dress, some earrings... we’ll love to see what creative dream item you come up with! You could even upload a tutorial video on how you made your item, so others can learn from you!
APRIL [CLOSED]: Music To Help You Through This Pandemic!
Winner: Evey Hammond
What music has helped you through this pandemic? This challenge is all about showing your love for your favorite music! Do you play in a band, are you in a vocal group, or do you write songs? We want to hear it! But if you don’t play an instrument or sing, don’t worry! You could make a music video, dance, or perform theatre on your favorite song. Or you could just perform on your pots and pans. The most inspiring entry will win!
MARCH [CLOSED]: Your Favourite Element!
Winner: IgnireCaligo
Water, earth, fire, air… which one of the elements do you feel most connected to? Express your love for this element in any way you want: whether you photograph an airy outfit, create a fiery drawing, write an earthy poem, or bake a cake around the water theme… that’s up to you! We want to see who YOU are and what YOU can do!

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